Proposed & intended sessions

Analysis & Structural Design

Computational Conceptual (Structural) Design | WG 13 and 15
CHAIR(S): Jeroen Coenders (The Netherlands), Carlos Lazaro (Spain)

Computational Methods
CHAIR(S): Ekkehard Ramm (Germany), Kai-Uwe Bletzinger (Germany), Manfred Bischoff (Germany)

Form Finding & Optimization
CHAIR(S): Ekkehard Ramm (Germany), Kai-Uwe Bletzinger (Germany), Manfred Bischoff (Germany)

Graphic Statics
CHAIR(S): Philippe Block (Switzerland), Corentin Fivet (Switzerland)

Optimization approaches to analysis and design | WG 13
CHAIR(S): Makoto Ohsaki (Japan), Yoshihiro Kanno (Japan)

Severe Conditions & Disaster
CHAIR(S): Sigrid Adriaenssens (USA) 


Conceptual Design

Concepts & Building: Collaborative structural design
CHAIR(S): Joseph Schwartz (Switzerland), Mario Rinke (Switzerland)

Environmentally Compatible Structures (ECS) | WG 18
CHAIR(S): Petr Vegh (Canada), Andreas Falk (Sweden)

Structure as Architecture
CHAIR(S): Toni Kotnik (Finnland)


Digital Technologies

Advanced Manufacturing
CHAIR(S): Arno Pronk (The Netherlands)

Design and Fabrication of light and spatial constructions
CHAIR(S): Fabian Schmid (Germany)

Digital Design
CHAIR(S): Kim Boris Löffler (Germany), Moritz Heimrath (Austria)

Multi-/Meta-Material Digital Fabrication
CHAIR(S): Jeroen Coenders (The Netherlands)



Education at the Intersection of Architecture and Structural Engineering
CHAIR(S): Michael Staffa (Germany), Annette Bögle (Germany)

Educational methods for dealing with complex environments | WG 20
CHAIR(S): Olga Popovic Larsen (Denmark), S. Alireza Behnejad (UK)

Learning by making | WG 15 and 20
CHAIR(S): Olga Popovic Larsen (Denmark), S. Alireza Behnejad (UK), Niels De Temmerman (Belgium)


Historic Shell and Spatial Structures 

Assessment and Preservation of Historic Spatial Structures | WG 17
CHAIR(S): Görün Arun (Turkey), Ian Smith (Switzerland), Tyler Sprague (USA), Horst Peseke (Germany)

Historic Shell and Spatial Structures
CHAIR(S): Matthias Ludwig (Germany)

Identification and Documentation of Historic Spatial Structures | WG 17
CHAIR(S): Tyler Sprague (USA), Görün Arun (Turkey), Alberto Domingo (Spain)


Mast and Towers

Cooling and Solar Updraft Towers | WG 3
CHAIR(S): Reinhard Harte (Germany)

Mast and Towers | WG 4
CHAIR(S): Mogens G Nielsen (Denmark)



Concrete light: innovative concrete constructions
CHAIR(S): Manfred Curbach (Germany), Silke Scheerer (Germany)

Cross-disciplinary design and production of bio-based structures | WG 12
CHAIR(S): Andreas Falk (Sweden)

Glass structures
CHAIR(S): Bernhard Weller (Germany), Frank Wellershoff (Germany)

Natural engineering materials
CHAIR(S): Martin Trautz (Germany)


Membrane Structures

21st Century Tension and Membrane Structures | WG 6
CHAIR(S): Sudarshan Krishnan (USA)

Architectural Membrane Structures (Integrated Photovoltaics)
CHAIR(S): Jianhui Hu (China), Alessandra Zanelli (Italy),Wujun Chen (China) 



Analysis and design of reticulated shells against severe external disturbances | WG 8
CHAIR(S): Shiro Kato (Japan), S.D. Xue (China), Toru Takeuchi (Japan)

CHAIR(S): Samar Malek (USA), Chris Williams (UK)


Structural Morphology

Active Bending Structures
CHAIR(S): Christoph Gengnagel (Germany), Julian Lienhard (Germany)

Deployable Structures
CHAIR(S): Knut Stockhusen (Germany), Niels De Temmerman (Belgium)

Origami | WG 15
CHAIR(S): Tomohiro Tachi (Japan), Martin Trautz (Germany)