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All those interested in any aspect of the design, analysis, and construction of lattice, tension, membrane, shell, and other lightweight spatial structures, as well as those interested in the research into their behavior, are welcome to become members of the IASS.
Please join the with over seven hundred others from around the world to enjoy the benefits of IASS membership.
As an IASS member you have e.g. access to the electronic journal and all e-publications of the IASS. You also pay reduced fees for IASS symposia and colloquia.

Membership Categories and Annual Dues:

Individual members: € 85 per year
individuals who share the aims of the IASS

Collective members: € 425 per year:
companies, firms, universities or institutes that share the aims of the Association, wish to support it, and wish to extend the benefits of IASS membership to their staff and to their entire organization.

Student members: € 10 per year
individuals who share the aims of the IASS and who are currently undergraduate or postgraduate students at a recognized institution of higher learning.
(See special instructions and limitations here.)

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